Pray for Love exists to build awareness of the importance of praying and encouraging, empowering, and mobilizing churches and individuals to intercede on behalf of the world’s violent conflict and suffering. To help accomplish this goal, download the ’21 Day Prayer Guide.’

In this guide, you will read words of encouragement each day to remind you of God’s Love and promises as you take a 21-day journey to help bring peace to the world’s violent response to conflict.

You will be praying specifically for the grieving family members of approximately 2 million people who needlessly die each year due to injury and violence.  You will be praying for Love to come into the hearts of the violent and for peaceful solutions to all conflict in the world.

The guide can be downloaded here.

Thank you for dedicating your time to pray for those who are hurting. Your prayers are needed to heal the world of violence.

21 Day Prayer GuideDownload