In Newtown, white crosses, tidy lawns and teddy bears for sale

Windsor Star

NEWTOWN, Conn. – It’s a grey day. A misty rain is falling. The light is beginning to fade and Greg Zanis, 62, is penciling in another name of a dead first grader on a stout, white, wooden cross.

He has built 26 of them – one for each of the 20 children and six adults murdered Friday at Sandy Hook School in Newtown. The crosses stand about four feet high and are made out of two-by-fours. So they are sturdy crosses that stand on their own base and should last a long time.

He built them in his workshop in Aurora, Illinois, and then drove day and night to get to Newtown and find a place to line them up. Ray Ruzek, 65, a financier, allowed Greg to install his crosses on the lawn in front of Ruzek’s Heaven Ice Cream Parlour, a family business just off the main road at the center of Sandy Hook village.

“The traffic was really backed up here and Greg stopped with his truck full of ..