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How to get a cross?

Greg Zanis
Phone: (630) 466-7170
Mobile: (773) 999-8888


Crosses can be picked up any time. There are always crosses available that you can come and get. Then you may write a name on the cross yourself.

Crosses are free. Zanis tries to pen the victim’s name and date of death and their age. Zanis also puts a number on.

Zanis went to Orlando from Chicago with the help of Pastor Manny & Marcy Rivera of Restoration Church located at 1460 W Indian Trail Aurora Illinois , this church opened up its doors to Zanis. They placed 800 Chicago crosses all through their church hallways and gym.

You can contact Zanis Crosses for Losses  at (773) 999-8888.

We will pray with and for you any Sunday at 3 pm at Chicago 5539 S Bishop Ave. All of Chicago’s Murders for 2017 are on this lot. We can also drop off a cross at the lot on Sunday that you can pick up later.