At the cross: A symbol for sinners, seekers

Daily Mountain Eagle

“Cause He died for a crowd deep as it is wide.”
— Eric Paslay, “Deep as it is Wide”

Greg Zanis makes crosses.

Each one represents a life snuffed out, usually as a result of violent crime. He has made over 16,000 since 1996, the year that his father-in-law was murdered.

The crosses seem to cause controversy wherever they appear.

Last year Zanis made 770 crosses — one for each person who died in Chicago as a result of homicide or suicide in 2016.

In January, he placed 44 crosses in memory of those gunned down during the first month of the year on a lot someone gave him on the city’s South Side.

A group called “Army of Moms” threatened to take them down. They said the crosses gave the community a bad image and led to the false impression that there had been a mass shooting in the area.